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Injured in a road accident?

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According to the Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ORSA), 25-33% of all road accidents in Britain in 2009 involved one or more people involved in work-related activities.

You'd only be making a claim against your employer if the accident was caused by their negligence - if the accident was caused by a fault with the vehicle you were driving for example.

Otherwise, your claim will be made against the insurance company of the person responsible for causing the accident like any other road accident.

Making a claim against your employer

If your employer was at fault, the good news is that it's illegal for your employer to dismiss you or treat you any differently for making a claim. 

What's more, we know from experience that many employees who've received car accident injuries while working are worried that their claim could end up costing their employer thousands of pounds. However, if your claim is successful and you receive no win no fee compensation, your company doesn't pay your compensation directly. Instead, your compensation comes from your company's insurance provider, meaning you don't have to worry about harming your employer's finances.

What counts as a work-related road accident?

When many people think of road accidents, they often just think of crashes involving two vehicles. However, there are several other types of crash that, if you're injured and it wasn't your fault, could mean you qualify to make a work-related road accident claim, such as:

  • Lorry, taxi or bus drivers.
  • Bicycle or motorcycle couriers injured while working.
  • Postal workers injured while using the roads as a motorist, bicyclist or involved in a road accident while walking on their route.
  • Motorists driving emergency service vehicles such as police cars, ambulances or fire engines.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you're eligible to claim, contact us today for free.

Why should I claim?

We strongly believe that your claim is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we don't think you should suffer injuries without receiving fair compensation for the impact on your life a road accident has. Secondly, we think it's only fair that you receive full recompense for any earnings missed out upon or losses caused when you're injured in a road accident. Finally, your claim could be critical in improving health and safety practices at your company and preventing your work colleagues falling victim to similar accidents and injuries.

Contacting us is free of charge and you don't have to commit to making a claim. Our friendly expert advisors will be able to tell you in minutes whether or not they think you're able to make a no win no fee claim. If you wish to make your claim, our experience advisors will put you in touch with a work-related road accident specialist solicitor who will handle your case. They can answer your questions, explain your situation and assist you with completing any paperwork.

Michelle Ford, Northampton, was awarded £2,000

When I did call everything was fine – the solicitor was very supportive and never minded when I phoned asking her to explain all the legal jargon. She never made me feel stupid and explained everything in a way I could understand.


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