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We know it can be a stressful experience when you're injured in a road traffic accident, particularly if the accident was caused by someone else. That's why we're here to help.

Road Accident Helpline is a service provided by National Accident Helpline. We've been helping motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and vehicle passengers recover the money they deserve after a road accident since 1993.

Here are just a few accounts from the people we've helped along the way:


Graham Dolman, Staffordshire,

“As I was driving, a car hit the back of me which left me in a lot pain and resulted in taking time off work. I rang National Accident Helpline and was happy with the person who took my call. He wasn’t able to answer some of my initial questions but he put me on to a solicitor he could. He took my call, asked a few questions and job done. The process was quick and fair and the solicitor kept me up to date throughout the whole process. I never had any problems.

The other side made some ridiculous offers at first which I refused, and eventually I accepted the third offer. I was happy with the amount of compensation I received and put the money into my savings.

Overall I would give National Accident Helpline 10/10 for their service and I’m pleased to say that I have already recommended someone.”

Lee Jordan was awarded £2,800

“I was cycling to work when a car pulled out of a junction and knocked me off my bike. I went over the bonnet of the car and landed on the road. The ambulance arrived, took me to hospital and told me I had broken my ribs.

I was unable to go to the gym and play football for a couple of months and getting up and out of bed was difficult as well as the very normal things such as getting out of the shower and walking up and down the stairs.

I took a few days off work to recover but was keen to get on with my life and went back to work as soon as I could. My work is office based which made it easier for me although being crunched up at my desk for long periods was quite painful at times. Gradually the pain went away but it was lingering for a good few weeks after the accident.

I decided to call National Accident Helpline because of the nature of the accident – I had to suffer because of someone else’s carelessness. The person I spoke to was helpful and polite and it was all very straightforward.

They put me in touch with a local solicitor who was very good. I simply had to sign a few documents and left the rest to National Accident Helpline and the solicitor who took care of the rest. It was stress-free. The solicitor advised me well and kept me updated throughout the whole process and what’s more; it only took a couple of months from start to finish!

I won £2,800 compensation which was a nice surprise and overall I’m happy I made the claim. The service was great and I would 100% recommend National Accident helpline.”

Peter Fasoly was awarded £1,500

"I was making my way to the bus stop and as I crossed the road, a van reversed into me and knocked me to the floor. The driver got out and tried to blame me for what had happened – he had a really bad attitude and denied any liability. The police and ambulance arrived at the scene and I was seen to immediately.

I suffered a cut to my head but consider myself lucky as it could have been worse. But the pain didn’t end there; my shoulder was in a lot of pain and stayed that way for a couple of months. It made my life hell. I found it really difficult to sleep and the slightest movement caused me agony.

Before I contacted National Accident Helpline I wondered if it was worth it but as I had always heard about National Accident Helpline, I thought I’d give it go. The person I spoke to was very sympathetic and gave me all the information I needed before putting me in touch with a solicitor.

In total I was awarded £1,500 which I was pleased with but it was never really about the money. For me, it was mainly about the principle. These accidents are happening due to other people’s carelessness and I had to suffer as a result. Hopefully the driver will be more careful in future.

Overall I’m glad I made the claim, it was an easy process and I would recommend National Accident Helpline to anyone."

Danielle Marks was awarded £3,000

"I was driving to my friend’s house and as I got closer I slowed down to find a parking space. The road where she lives is on a bend so when I spotted a space, I indicated and put my car into reverse. Before I had the chance to move, a car smashed into the back of me and pushed my car forward. Immediately I suffered minor head injuries and an ambulance was called. It wasn’t until I got home that the pain really began to kick in. My neck and back were in sheer pain and as the night went on it just got worse.

I had to take two weeks of work and was constantly on painkillers. I was suffering months after the accident and had to have physio to ease the pain.

The accident had a huge effect on me. I used to visit the gym regularly but I’ve had to give that up completely as the pain would come right back. I was anxious about driving again and it took me a while to gain my confidence back but I’m slowly recovering.

I heard about National Accident Helpline and know that they’re the number one claims company so I went onto their website and called them. The person I spoke to was helpful and sympathetic and offered me help. The solicitor they put me in touch with was excellent – they rang me all the time and not once did I feel out of the loop.

I was awarded £3,000 compensation which I was pleased with. The money made a big difference and helped pay for a new car. Overall, I’m happy I claimed and would definitely recommend National Accident Helpline."

Gemma West, Northampton, was awarded £8,400

“As I returned to the passenger side of my parked car after visiting a cash machine, I reached down into my handbag when suddenly the car shunted forward – a car had driven into the back of us!
We were so shocked that we immediately got out of the car to see what had happened only to find that the driver was ready to drive off. We didn’t catch his name or insurance details but luckily we managed to make a note of his registration plate which we then handed over to the police.

The following day I made an appointment to see an emergency doctor who confirmed I was suffering from whiplash. I also sought private medical attention where the physician told me I had spinal injuries due to the accident. Although the accident took place a while ago, I still have regular treatments in order to ease the pain in my back.

It took me a couple of months to pluck up the courage to call National Accident Helpline. It’s not something I’d normally do and couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty for claiming. But when I thought about what had actually happened, it made me so angry that someone could crash into my car and drive off without a care in the world!

I’m glad I called though, the person I spoke to provided me with everything I needed and put me in touch with a solicitor who did a really good job.

I was working as a contractor at the time and had to take 8 weeks off work to recover. My employers had to hand the work over to someone else which ultimately meant I lost my job.

Being self employed; if I don’t work, I don’t get paid which inevitably leads to not being able to pay the bills. It was a very tough time and until it’s happened to you, it’s difficult to understand just how much it impacts your life.

In the end I received a total of £8,400 for both the accident and loss of earnings. The end result was fantastic and I have since recommended National Accident Helpline to my friends.

The compensation made a big difference; after such a stressful time in my life I went on a long overdue break – it was only somewhere local but it was great to get away. I am also looking at doing a training course to further my career and hope that the compensation will help pay for it.”

Kieron McConnell, Milton Keynes, was awarded £3,750

“I was sitting on a bus when it suddenly crashed into the back of a car as it entered a roundabout. When I got home I started to feel a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders so I went straight to the emergency doctors who had diagnosed me with whiplash. I had decided to call National Accident Helpline. The person I spoke to was sympathetic, helpful, really friendly and on my side - 5/5 for customer service.

The solicitor was very good and kept me informed all the way through. The other side made me an initial offer but my solicitor was quick to advise me to reject it which showed that they were really fighting for me.
Following the accident I found it difficult to do the day-to-day things including not being able to pick up my daughter without suffering pain in my neck and shoulder. She was still quite young at the time and it was very upsetting. We had already booked a trip to Disneyland before the accident took place, and I couldn’t even enjoy the full experience with her.

I went on to receive a number of physiotherapy sessions, which made a world of difference but if I’m honest, I have never fully recovered from the pain.

I received £3,750 compensation – three times what I was originally offered so I was more than happy! The money has made a lot of difference. It meant that I could pay off some debts and what’s more, I got to book another holiday where I was able to spend quality time with my wife and daughter.

I remember trying to get in touch with the bus company but they were just not interested and never returned my letters, so I am definitely glad I claimed.

Your staff are supportive and non judgmental. I would recommend you and have already done so to all my friends.”

Richard Tyson, Chesterfield, was awarded £2,250

I was driving up a steep incline on the M40 - I was going very slowly because I had a full load when suddenly something hit me from behind. It was like a bomb going off and I was thrown forwards in the cab. I tried to control the vehicle and pulled on to the hard shoulder to wait for the police and ambulance to arrive. I had been hit in the rear by a foreign tanker at high impact. The ambulance crew checked me over at the scene, but I didn’t go to hospital.

I was forced to take two weeks off work, though, and I wasn’t paid for the time I took off. I had smashed my knees and knuckles in to the dashboard, and had bad pains in my neck. I'd already been diagnosed with severe arthritis so I wasn't sure if it was that or the accident causing the pain.

I saw the Underdog ad on TV and decided to call. They were very helpful and sent someone out to see me within a few days. My solicitor was really good and always kind and polite. I received a first settlement on £2,250 and was pleased with the process. The money covered my loss of earnings and I would definitely recommend National Accident Helpline to others. I would rate National Accident Helpline 4.5/5 and would probably still have claimed without No Win No Fee but wouldn’t have if I had to pay a solicitor upfront.

Jack Sinclair, West Yorkshire,

My mate was driving the car and I was sitting in the back when he lost control taking a corner. The car slid sideways and an on-coming van hit us straight on the side. I put my hands on the windows to steady myself, but the impact was so great I got thrown onto the parcel shelf! The van took the engine out of the car and my mate broke the dashboard. We were lucky to be alive. When I realised what had happened we got out of the car, which was just as well because it went up in flames.

I didn’t feel too bad after the accident, but the next morning my neck was hurting so much I couldn’t get out of bed for days. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even pick up my daughter. I wasn’t working at the time of the accident, but afterwards I got a job which involved a lot of lifting. The strain on my neck and shoulders caused me so much pain I had to leave the company.

I still get problems now, but it’s not as bad. I’d been involved in a car accident before but never thought of claiming. My mate said ‘why don’t you just put in a claim – my insurance is going to go through the roof anyway’ so I called National Accident Helpline on the recommendation of another friend who said they were good. The girl on the phone was really helpful and sorted out a solicitor for me straight away. The solicitor was kept me updated every step of the way with letters and phone calls so I knew exactly what was going on. I got my settlement within a couple of months and was pleased with the £2,500 I received.”

I would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for their services – I was never left in the dark. If I had to pay up front I wouldn’t have been able to do it. If the fee was taken out of my settlement I would have to know I’d get a decent amount at the end to make it worth the claim.

Rose Holmes, Blackpool, was awarded £4,400

The weather was really cold and icy last winter and my partner, Neil, was driving along on a side road when a small van turned off the main road and hit a patch of black ice. The driver braked, but he couldn’t stop and as he was heading towards us I could see the fear on his face. The car slammed into the front of us and I was thrown forwards then backwards in the passenger seat.

Neil is disabled and on so many medications for pain that we don’t really know whether he was hurt or not. I thought I was alright at first, but in the night my neck began to hurt more and more. It was so bad I went to hospital because I was worried might have done some serious damage to my back, but the doctor diagnosed severe whiplash. It was hard to manage day to day - I have to do a lot of lifting and carrying because Neil can’t manage on his own. I have a two year old daughter, too, so I had to have some help. Luckily my eldest daughter is 19 and she had to do a lot for us.

I’d seen National Accident Helpline on TV and thought I’d give it a try, although I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it. The lady on the phone was very helpful and a local solicitor contacted us immediately. Our solicitor was called Darren and he was fantastic – he kept us well informed and always rang when he said he would. We received a settlement of £4,400 which we were really happy with because we weren’t expecting that much. It helped us get a chair lift and a new chair for Neil which has been a huge help.

I would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for their service. I would still have tried to claim without No Win No Fee. I think the adverts are fantastic, especially with Joe Pasquale doing the voice. It’s funny and different from the other accident ads – the character sticks in your head.

Michelle Ford, Northampton, was awarded £2,000

I was stationary at the traffic lights when someone drove straight into the back of me. My car was written off and I had whiplash, which I didn’t think was too bad until I went on my snow-boarding holiday. I’d been saving up for it for ages, but I kept having headaches and painful neck and shoulders so I couldn’t enjoy the holiday.

Back at home, my job is quite practical and I found I couldn’t do everything I usually do and I had to spend much more time in the office. I saw a television ad for National Accident Helpline and to be honest I was a bit nervous about calling. When I did call everything was fine – the solicitor was very supportive and never minded when I phoned asking her to explain all the legal jargon. She never made me feel stupid and explained everything in a way I could understand. I received a settlement of £2,000 and it helped me pay for the failed snow-boarding holiday – and to book another one!”

I would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for their services. I wouldn’t have claimed if I had to pay up front, but possibly would have if I had to pay out of my settlement. It would depend on how much I thought I might get.

Claudia Giles, Leeds,

I was walking home with my husband after dark when a man driving a car came out of a side lane and didn’t slow down. He just caught my husband (who luckily wasn’t hurt), but I was hit and flung up in the air onto the bonnet of the car. The driver actually took us home and the paramedics were called to the house. The pain was very bad and I suffered heavy bruising and a suspected broken rib.

We called National Accident Helpline who put us on to a solicitor who helped with my claim. Luckily I didn’t miss out on work as I’m already retired, but I did have to see a specialist and had physiotherapy to ease the pain. The treatment was covered by my claim, and we got a cash settlement, too. It was 18 months before I felt okay, and although I felt a bit guilty about making a claim at the time, I’m definitely glad I did it and would recommend calling if anyone else had a similar thing happen to them.” I would award National Accident Helpline 4/5 for their services.

Peter Kane, Wigan, was awarded £2,000

My wife, Hayley, was driving on the motorway when an HGV pulled out and hit the side of her car. They both pulled over to the hard shoulder and the traffic police were called. She was very shaken up by the accident and still doesn’t like driving on motorways. When she got home she realised her neck and back were hurting and she had suffered from whiplash during the collision. She still suffers from back pain to this day.

I knew National Accident Helpline were a reputable firm, and when I called everything was handled very well. We were passed on to a solicitor who was very helpful and explained everything to us as we went along. We were new to the claims process so it was helpful to be told exactly what was happening every step of the way.

My wife was awarded £2,000 and we were very happy because we hadn’t known what to expect – to get anything was a bonus. We’re glad we contacted National Accident Helpline and would definitely recommend their services.”

Peter Kane would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for their service. “Seeing as the accident was not our fault anyway, I think we would still have pursued a claim without No Win No Fee”.

Tanya Coulson, Hull, was awarded £10,000

I was a motorcycle passenger when my husband, Stuart was riding along a road. It had been a wet day, but we were in a dry patch when he cornered a bend and went out of control. We both went flying off the bike and I think I lost consciousness for a while – the next thing I knew Stuart was shouting ‘Tanya, where are you?’ I came to and realised I’d landed 30ft away from him! I had bad whiplash and later suffered a prolapse of my bladder as a result of the accident.

My husband rides on track days so luckily we had a camera on the bike. When we looked at the video footage we saw that there was a large piece of metal in the road that had slashed our rear tyre. The bike had then gone out of control when it hit a pothole in the road.

We had heard of National Accident Helpline and called them because we thought it was a good company. They were very helpful and put us on to a solicitor in Hull who was spot on. He explained how I could actually claim against my husband for the accident. We only had third party insurance through the bike, but as I was the passenger I could claim against him for my injuries. I received a settlement of £10,000 which we were delighted with because it compensated for my injuries and we managed to rebuild the bike! I’m a very nervous passenger now, but I occasionally ride my own bike. I still suffer from pain in my back and neck, but I’m very glad I made the claim and would definitely recommend National Accident Helpline.

Michael Thorpe, Sheffield, was awarded £1,200

I was driving my company car north up the Al on my way to a meeting. A lorry suddenly veered across into my lane and I slowed down to allow it in front of me. The driver of the van behind me was distracted by a couple of fire engines in the opposite carriageway, and didn't slow when I did. The next thing I knew he piled into the back of my car - luckily it was a good, solid car because he was going about 70mph!

My car wasn't damaged too badly inside, and at the time I thought I felt okay. I was able to drive to a local garage to drop off the car, but I started to feel quite shaken up and both my knee and neck were hurting. Being a man I thought 'I'll be okay', but it got so bad I had to go to A&E where they diagnosed typical signs of whiplash.

I'd seen National Accident Helpline on lots of national advertising, and a colleague recommended their services. I made an initial call and a solicitor got back to me the same day. He was very efficient and kept me informed every step of the way - it was perfect service. I received a settlement of £1,200 and would definitely recommend National Accident Helpline.

Michael Thorpe would award National Accident Helpline 5/5 for their service – “I think I would still have claimed without the No Win No Fee agreement”.

John Westwood, Stoke-on-Trent, was awarded £3,000

I was cycling off to work with a friend when a car came straight out of a side road and knocked us both down. I hurt my neck, luckily only the soft tissue, but it was very painful and I found it impossible to anything around the house. I worked in a factory assembling bathroom suites - which was a very physical job - and I had to be put on light duties for a while until I recovered.

I'd seen the ad for National Accident Helpline and when I phoned they said straightaway that I probably had a claim. I was put onto a good local solicitor and received nearly £3,000 in compensation, which I was more than happy with. I'm glad I made the claim and would recommend National Accident Helpline to anyone who had the misfortune to have an accident. I doubt I would have claimed without No Win No Fee - at the time I simply didn't have the money. I would rate National Accident Helpline 5/5.

Janet, Sussex, was awarded £12,500

I was just sitting on a bus like any other person, when a car suddenly pulled out of a side junction, causing the bus to swerve suddenly. The bus caught the car and I was flung out of my seat and down the bus by the impact. The next thing I knew I was in and out of consciousness with a severely damaged finger, and paramedics were taking me into an ambulance.

The top of one of my finger had been taken off by the accident so I had an operation to sew it back on.
From the first call to National Accident Helpline onwards everything was absolutely terrific. A local solicitor was with me every step of the way and made sure everything was handled right. I didn’t need to go to court and got £12,500. The damage to my finger means I can’t pick things up or get on with gardening like I used to, but at least it’s all behind me now.

Jane Townley, Chesterfield, was awarded £3000

I needed three weeks off work and months of physio on my back after the door of a parked car opened and knocked me off my bike. The advisor who took my call was honest in talking me through what happens and put me on to a local solicitor.

The solicitor was very good at sending me documents and keeping me up to date. The case was all sorted for me and I got my compensation nine months later. I'm glad I made that call and would recommend the service.